Done! Green Lily dress

This is my second Colette Lily dress (see Lily #1 here). I love the clashing pattern. Sure, people may not be able to look straight at me without getting dizzy but it’s worth it.

Green Print Lily Dress Colette Patterns

I wore this a LOT at the end of the summer but for some reason the only time we thought to take photos was at the Luas stop on the way into town some evening! Good to vary locations I guess but it does make posing even more cringy than usual when there are 10 people standing beside you waiting for the Luas.

I loved the first Lily dress (particularly the pockets) but there were some fit issues which I mentioned in the original post. This time I cut a Size 10 and also dropped the neckline seam by 5/8″ (and naturally increased the straps by double this to account for increased length front and back).

2015-08-16 16.09.02

I am happy to confirm that it fits MUCH better. It’s a closer fit than on the model in the Colette photos but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

The fabric is the same type as in the previous Lily dress (a medium weight stretch cotton from Fabric World on Goldhawk Road in London). Again I got this out of 1.5m of fabric – huzzah. The only issue with the material is that it can be a bit of a challenge to avoid bulk e.g. on the pocket flaps or on the strap. I made the dress for a wedding so I wanted it to be as slickly finished as possible. To this end, I did the undersides of the shoulder straps in acetate lining and shaved a little off these pieces so that straps would fold in on themselves neatly (inspired by the excellent collar tutorial on Four Square Walls).

2015-08-16 16.23.04

Naturally this makes the straps a bit slippy but they sit fairly neatly on the shoulders so it’s not a major problem. It wasn’t necessary to line the rest of the dress because of the weight of the fabric.

The whole thing came together pretty quickly. Just as well given the usual insane deadline I gave myself – there’s quite the running joke among my friends and family about my penchant for midnight sewing the night before weddings. Well not this time – ahahaha (she scoffs maniacally while accepting that she’ll be probably revert to type next time)!

Some more slick photos for the road:



The nitty-gritty

Pattern: Lily by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Graphic print stretch cotton from Goldhawk Rd (approx £8/m)


Shopping! Where to buy fabric in greater Dublin area

This is a long promised post! Below are all the fabric and haberdashery shops I’ve come across outside the city centre.  I have to admit I haven’t visited all of these yet but I have plans! Just need to make some room by using up some of my (threatening to remove our ability to have guests stay in the spare room) stash! Just to note, I haven’t included any that do interiors fabric only.

If anyone has any that should be added to this list let me know. Shops in the city centre are listed here in a previous post. Continue reading

Done! Palm Print Dress!

I originally mooted the idea for this dress last AprilPicture2

As I’ve probably mentioned before. I’m a big fan of piping generally and in particular, on raglan sleeves (i.e. sleeves like the ones in the photo which have a seam to the neck instead of across the shoulder, not as I always thought from seeing it written on clothes tags, a type of material – who knows what other terminology I’ve been using incorrectly!)

The dress is a mash-up of two patterns (New Look 6144 and 6095) and while I really do like the end result, going off-pattern always takes me a LOT longer. Continue reading

Done! The Washi

Presenting  – the Washi!


I had been intending to make a maxi version of this until the sudden arrival of Autumn forced a re-think. This was actually a good thing though because I wasn’t completely clear on how to do it, despite Rae’s online instructions.

Having selfishly stolen some of this divine material for the bias skirt, I got stuck into the main clause – a Washi for my 17-year old daughter Aisling. Continue reading