Done! The Washi

Presenting  – the Washi!


I had been intending to make a maxi version of this until the sudden arrival of Autumn forced a re-think. This was actually a good thing though because I wasn’t completely clear on how to do it, despite Rae’s online instructions.

Having selfishly stolen some of this divine material for the bias skirt, I got stuck into the main clause – a Washi for my 17-year old daughter Aisling. Continue reading

Done! A self-drafted bias skirt

I came across this great blog post by Corrinea about a self-draft bias cut skirt and decided to try it with one of my London fabrics. She’s titled her post “Don’t be afraid of the bias skirt!”. I glanced over it and was impressed with the simple, clear instructions. This project followed hot on the heels of the cardy wrap copy (post to follow) and I was enjoying my off-piste adventures. Continue reading

Done! A pink tweed skirt.

I love tweed so I went in search of it at the RDS Stitching and Craft Fair. As Aoife said, we liked one of Magee’s Full Bundles range so bought one between us. At a half a metre per piece, they’re each just enough for a short skirt. Here’s my 3

The red vintage wool dress was proving more work than I had anticipated (there’s a surprise), so I decided to divert to the pink tweed for a quick win. Continue reading