Done! Palm Print Dress!

I originally mooted the idea for this dress last AprilPicture2

As I’ve probably mentioned before. I’m a big fan of piping generally and in particular, on raglan sleeves (i.e. sleeves like the ones in the photo which have a seam to the neck instead of across the shoulder, not as I always thought from seeing it written on clothes tags, a type of material – who knows what other terminology I’ve been using incorrectly!)

The dress is a mash-up of two patterns (New Look 6144 and 6095) and while I really do like the end result, going off-pattern always takes me a LOT longer. Continue reading

Done! A self-drafted bias skirt

I came across this great blog post by Corrinea about a self-draft bias cut skirt and decided to try it with one of my London fabrics. She’s titled her post “Don’t be afraid of the bias skirt!”. I glanced over it and was impressed with the simple, clear instructions. This project followed hot on the heels of the cardy wrap copy (post to follow) and I was enjoying my off-piste adventures. Continue reading

Finding the right snap fastener

Where to find a large snap fastener.

There are eight large snap fasteners in the wrap skirt pattern  (Burda 7147) I’m using for the pink tweed so I called some fabric shops to source them. To my dismay, the biggest I could find was 1.5cm in diameter (in TWI Fabrics). That’s bigger than the standard little fasteners I have, small snap fastenersbut no match for the job of holding a skirt together. Continue reading