Done! Palm Print Dress!

I originally mooted the idea for this dress last AprilPicture2

As I’ve probably mentioned before. I’m a big fan of piping generally and in particular, on raglan sleeves (i.e. sleeves like the ones in the photo which have a seam to the neck instead of across the shoulder, not as I always thought from seeing it written on clothes tags, a type of material – who knows what other terminology I’ve been using incorrectly!)

The dress is a mash-up of two patterns (New Look 6144 and 6095) and while I really do like the end result, going off-pattern always takes me a LOT longer. Continue reading

The Beignet

colette beignet with logo

I wanted to do the Beignet for ages and finally overcame my fear of all of those buttons to take it on. The fabric – a lovely stretch denim from the Heritage Cupboard (Nancy’s fabric stash, dubbed the HC because it’s massive and packed with gems).

Back to the Beignet. Everything about this pattern is beautiful, from the divine packaging to the meticulous instructions. It’s tricky in places, especially fitting that concave facing to curved lining. Looks amazing though, is worth persevering. Continue reading