Work in progress: shiny green skirt




I am currently making a skirt out of the above fabric. It’s gotten a mixed reaction among my friends and family. I see where they’re coming from. It literally squeaks if you rub it together. I think it has potential though! 

I’m still undecided about skirt length but wanted to do a straight-ish shape. I don’t have a pattern to suit so with some help from the internet set about making my own. I have so far, cut it all out, sewn it all together, made black lining, attached it, put black bias binding on the waist band, completely screwed up the zip aaaand tried it on to find that the zip makes me look like I have a tail and I’ve managed to make the waist 2″ too big. Sigh.

Still, it feels like I haven’t too far to go (optimism over experience?). Will keep you appraised of my progress.

The nitty gritty:

Pattern: home-made
Fabric: Metallic green stretch lurex (I think). From a shop on Goldhawk Rd in London and cost approx £3 per metre (I know, I know – who would have known it was so cheap from the look of it… )

7 thoughts on “Work in progress: shiny green skirt

  1. Keep up the good work girlies – so exciting to read about your projects and your thoughts!

    Love the shiny green skirt Aoife!!! It’ll be fab as an Xmas party dress or if all goes horribly wrong Halloween is only 50(?) weeks away? Early preparation is vital!!! I’m off to Goldhawk at the end of the month… we may be twins next Christmas/Halloween.

    Caoimhe :)

    • Hurray, our first comment! :) Thanks Caoimhe. Enjoy Goldhawk. I read somewhere recently that some of the shops are going to be moved out of there as part of redevelopment of the area but I imagine nothing has moved on it yet. Just something to check before you schlep out to Shepherds Bush.

      I also saw this the other day
      I’d never heard about Walthamstow Market before but it sounds like it’s worth a visit some time. It’s pretty far out though. Although not madly out of the way if you’re flying from Stansted. Food for thought anyway!

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