Fabric from Goldhawk Road!

I was in London a few weeks ago. My friend Mary has kindly decided to live very close indeed to cheap fabric mecca Goldhawk Road so I have a mosey nearly every time I’m over.


I can’t recommend Goldhawk Road enough. There are 14-15 shops along a small stretch of road. Bargaining is encouraged (although if I’m honest I don’t always do it – laziness often wins out versus the potential 50p reward).


I tried to ask what each of the fabrics were as I went – good to learn these things. Also aiming to stop saying “uh…. I think it’s eh… some kind of viscose…” on the blog – although don’t hold your breath on that happening any time soon.


This one is a pink “polyester crepe” and was £3/m in Fabric World. The colour doesn’t really come out in the photo – it’s very vibrant, almost neon. It’s very fine – I’m thinking blouse or dress.


These are “print cotton mixes”. Cotton mixed with what I hear all (3) of you cry… Well I don’t know because I didn’t press the issue and got distracted. They’re both the same kind of fabric – fairly stiff with a bit of stretch – very nice to work with. I’ve started making a dress with the triangular print (of which more to follow – hence the zoomed in photo). They cost £8/m in A-Z fabrics and I got them for £7/m because I got the 2 bits.


This is a yellow “cotton jersey” which was £3.50/m at A-One Fabrics. I’m planning on doing a top in this for the summer. I can’t resist yellow, despite a family member saying (while I was wearing a yellow t-shirt), “Irish people can’t really wear yellow can they… ” Hilarious. I’m stubborn though – what can you do…


These stretch prints were £4/m from Fabric House. The darker one is a cotton mix and the pastel/gold one has never met a natural fibre. I’ve actually used this type of fabric before and it’s surprisingly comfortable (and not particularly clingy which can be a big problem with man-made fabrics). My plan is to make a t-shirt tress in the dark print ASAP and something summery out of the other one.

Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put it all or drastically increase my sewing output. Easy.

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  1. thanks for all the tips, planning a day trip at some stage soon hopefully to stock up! Looks like you got some great bargains.

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