Fabric shopping in Paris

Yes, I’m buying a lot more fabric than I’m turning into clothes these days!


We visited Paris over St Patrick’s weekend to watch Ireland’s glorious (and edge of the seat) victory over France in the rugby. Over the weekend I idly googled “shopping in Paris” and via this Guardian article learned that we were staying 5 minutes walk away from a big and famous fabric shop, Marche St Pierre in Montmartre. Hurray!

Marche St Pierre (pictured above with the blue awning) has 5 floors of fabric. Lots of lovely prints, silks, wools, everything you could ask for – a vast selection of animal prints… We took a bit of a wander around this. Having been in Goldhawk Road a week beforehand I was attempting to be abstemious so I limited myself to the lovely drapey black and white viscose below. It was €12/m.


I absolutely LOVED the fabric I’m holding in the lovely photo of me below (printed silk) but without a specific project for it I couldn’t justify it.


The whole street (Rue D’Orsel, and whole surrounding area I now realise after a quick google) was full of fabric shops with one fairly big one (across from Marche St Pierre) that sold end pieces of fabric of various sizes. Self-control went out the window I’m afraid.

I got this 3m piece of red and white polyester for €15 – I’m thinking summer dress or blouse for this one. I love it.


Then there was this African print fabric – apologies if this is the wrong terminology. I love this stuff – even more so since watching the awesome Chinelo in the Great British Sewing Bee I’ll admit. I can’t remember the exact details but I think it was €6/m. There were lots of these prints around but many of them were very heavily waxed which wouldn’t really work for my purposes. Again, top or dress for this one… Or shorts… hmm… that one may be a bit of pre-lunch madness – I’ll think about it.


And finally, the big find… This fabric I’m 99% sure is an end from Sandro. The reason I knew this is because I was in love with a dress made in a version of it last year  which I used as inspiration for another dress (which I promise will appear on the blog at some point!). It’s a lovely fabric. It’s polyester and quite heavy (to the extent that I was worried about getting caught in the airport on the way back for my hand luggage weighing a ton). This will be a dress of some description. The original one I liked had white piping so I may well stick with that idea – I’m fond of the old piping. 3m for €20 – maybe I’ll go all Von Trapp and do multiple items – exciting!


You can see an example of something made in the small palm print here. And the original Sandro dress is below. Cool eh?

Sandro rivage dress

Sandro Rivage Dress photo, Selfridges



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