Done! Lily Dress



As I’m sure you can ascertain from my Riviera-style tan in the photos, I made this dress during the summer.

The dress is the Lily dress by Colette Patterns.


The fabric is part of my haul from Goldhawk Road in April.  It is in fact the same fabric type as the triangle-print dress I wrote about recently. Or…. in August… not that recently! I love the big print on the fabric, I didn’t bother doing any pattern matching – I quite enjoy all the clashing bits and pieces of print. I got the whole dress out of 1.5m. It was a bit of a jigsaw effort as you can see below.


Look how much was left! Yep, I’m a loser who loves fabric efficiency!


The pattern was a joy to sew up. I particularly like the pockets. Pocket close up:


The one comment I’d make about the pattern is that I found it very big fitting. I made up a US 12 which I figured was a UK 14 but I had to take it in a lot (losing a bit of the fold over neckline detail at the back) and even then the finished dress is a bit loose under the arms. I’d definitely go a size down next time, particularly when the fabric has a bit of stretch. I know… I should have checked the finished garment measurements before hand – coulda woulda shoulda!

All that aside, I reeeeeally like it! I wore it a lot during the summer. The loose-ish fit is good in terms of wearing it in very hot weather (Spain, not Ireland, don’t be crazy) but it’s still jazzy enough for a night out.

We took some photos out the back to try and vary from the usual incredibly messy apartment backdrop and for a bit of natural light… I managed to pull some sort of goofy face in every one. Sigh.


And finally, a photo of it being worn in the wild on holidays. Quelle surprise, another goofy-looking photo. I’m completely not putting this one in because I appear vaguely brown. Not at all.



The nitty-gritty

Pattern: Lily by Colette Patterns

Fabric: Floral print stretch cotton from Goldhawk Rd (approx £8/m)

Cool dress on Rachel sitting next to me in last photo: Warehouse. I have since bought it, Single White Female style


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