Done! Palm Print Dress!

I originally mooted the idea for this dress last AprilPicture2

As I’ve probably mentioned before. I’m a big fan of piping generally and in particular, on raglan sleeves (i.e. sleeves like the ones in the photo which have a seam to the neck instead of across the shoulder, not as I always thought from seeing it written on clothes tags, a type of material – who knows what other terminology I’ve been using incorrectly!)

The dress is a mash-up of two patterns (New Look 6144 and 6095) and while I really do like the end result, going off-pattern always takes me a LOT longer.


The piping was a really satisfying thing to do. I also learned a great tip on the By Hand London blog about using masking tape to cut strips of fabric. So handy, particularly for fabric like this that slips around. Behold.

Step 1: Stick as many long strips of masking tape on to your fabric of choice as you need strips of fabric (I went two strips deep for the piping tube).2015 - 4

Step 2: Cut out.

2015 - 7

And tada! I know, it rocked my world too…

So to do the piping I sewed along the seam after placing cord (purchased in WM Trimmings) along the length of it.

2015 - 2

Then I sewed to one side of the shoulder seam before joining it up together using a zipper foot to get a close seam (I can confirm that doing it all in one sandwich type effort without stitching to one side did NOT lead to a slick looking bit of piping!).

2015 - 3

For the neckline I made a band cut on the bias of the fabric approx 2″ shorter than the neckline to stop it from sticking out. This took several goes to get right and a LOT of Sewing Tourettes. After all that it was easy – only took a mere 6 weeks to finish it all in all.

I love the dress. Kiiiind of regret not matching the pattern at the back but hey, I can’t see that most of the time!

Check out the moves. Thinking of taking up this posing stuff full time. Must. Suppress. Sarcastic. Expression.



The nitty-gritty

Pattern: New Look 6144 and New Look 6095

Fabric: Sandro print polyester from Paris (3m for €20)


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