Done! A Missoni infinity scarf

Make yourself a Missoni scarf in just 45 minutes! This is Sarah modelling her gift.

Missoni fabric scarf sewing

I had been searching online for a pattern for this gorgeous Missoni fabric and came across a tutorial for an infinity scarf. Because I had almost three metres of fabric, I decided to make a scarf first. It would make a lovely gift and it was an opportunity to see what the fabric was like to sew with.

I had been agonising about how to handle the fabric and how to best approach a pattern. I’m making the jumper for my teenage daughter and my plan, having failed to find the right pattern online, is to copy one of her own that she likes.

The good news for me, and for Aisling, who’ll be wearing the jumper, is that I now have a feeling for how the fabric sews. I used a stretch needle and zig zag stitch. Too close to the seam allowance and the fabric began to wave, so I’ll know to stay with 5/8” seam allowances. The overlocker will probably work very nicely with this fabric too. I didn’t use it because it hasn’t yet recovered from a nasty encounter with silver threading and, on a one hour deadline, I didn’t have time to coax it back to life.

Isn’t the fabric wonderful?! I got it in one of my favourite places – the bargain basement of Misan, at 54 Berwick Street. I say the number because there are three Misans on the street but only one precious bargain basement.

At £25 for the three metres, this isn’t Goldhawk Road bargain basement territory but it’s still, in my view, a steal at that price.

The tutorial I followed for the infinity scarf is here.

If you can overlook the chirruping twitter and the kid’s TV backing track, you’ll actually find good directions about what is – ok – a very simple project. It’s handy to have instructions though.

I used the fabric width (50”) for the scarf length, and decided to make the scarf a little wider than the one in the tutorial, so I cut 0.6metre. I’ve usefully taken a picture of the fabric with the green measuring tape on top, and a close-up.

IMG_4262Missoni fabric sewing

This was a joy to make, a quick sewing buzz with very little effort.

Here’s Sarah again – wearing the scarf in two ways. Such a versatile gift.


Missoni fabric scarf sewing




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