Done! An olive green New Look 6000

This was one of the first dresses I made and it quickly become both a favourite and the most worn dress in my wardrobe. I love the retro vibe. It’s also so comfortable. And check out those cuffs! And the gorgeous collar. What’s not to love.

2012-10-30 23.01.04

The fabric came from the Heritage Cupboard (thanks Mam!). It’s a stretch wool with plenty of weight, making it easy to work with.

New Look 6000

I came across the pattern when reading some favourite sewing blogs. Joanne at stitch and witter has a fab version and there are lots of others that are equally chic. Roisin Muldoon, aka Dolly Clakett, has a wonderful polka dot version.

I can’t report in any detail on the sewing experience except to say that it wasn’t traumatic. The tucks at the waist were a little challenging but it all came together well. The cuffs were easy to make and I figured it would be a useful pattern detail I could add to other dresses. (That hasn’t happened.). I put in an invisible zip. It’s worth learning how to do this. Once you know how, it’s much easier than the traditional zip and so much nicer.

I got the buttons in Vienna, making this quite the international dress.

I had been in Vienna for a conference and skived off one afternoon for some fabric tourism and, in particular, to find some quirky buttons. There wasn’t much to wow on the fabric front except some amazing wools in a narrow shop on a pedestrian street. It had a wide range of woollen fabrics, all super soft to the touch. There were no prices on the rolls and the shop assistant was immediately disdainful when she saw that I was surprised at the universal €80 a metre tag. They’re designer, and that one (that I was holding) is Armani. I reluctantly left them behind and continued with my button hunt. I was delighted to find these pearly beauties.

New L

Five of the small size and a large one for the collar, all for a bargain €5.20. Nice they may be but that’s clearly not a designer price, and most certainly not Armani.

Now for a few other shots of the dress in our glamorous hallway. I’d airbrush out those keys and phone, but wordpress edit isn’t that fancy. Just imagine a suitably smart background.

2012-10-30 23.01.082012-10-30 23.01.05


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