Done! A renfrew

 Renfrew sewing pattern

Unlike my first Renfrew, the sizing of this one was, as Baby Bear would say, just right.

I think – think – you’ve to add two sizes when converting from US to UK. So an 8 is a 12. The Renfrew seems to be a bit small-fitting though. That, or my love of scones is beginning to show.

The fabric is from Murphy Sheehys. As I’ve said before, it can be hard to find nice print jerseys in Dublin. Apparently there isn’t too much demand for it. It’s worth popping into regularly though as what they do get can be very nice. I have no idea what this one is. A stretchy, slippery, shiny viscose.. ?

fabric dublin sewing blogRenfrew sewing pattern blog

Murphy Sheehys also have some beautiful Liberty jerseys at the moment. I saw an absolute beauty last Saturday. In a rare victory over the stash monster, I left it behind, despite its obvious perfect match for a wrap dress.

Back to the Renfrew. As the fabric was quite see-through, I decided to line it with a stretch polyester lining. I made a good call halfway through to change the lining from a full lining to a tank tee, attaching it at the top and the ends.

A word of caution about stretch fabrics and linings. Match the stretch! Doing a full lining for the Anna dress has been an absolute nightmare because the stretch between the two was so different.

Happily it worked on this occasion, as a semi-lining. The lack of cuffs was a deadline rather than style choice because I wanted to wear it out and time ran out. I think the cuff-less look works well with this fabric though, so I’m not adding them now.

The slippery fabric was – well – very slippery. That slowed down what was still a gratifyingly speedy sew. Here are a couple of more photos. They were taken in the lovely Avoca cafe in Dublin following a coffee and one of those aforementioned scones. Mmmh, must do something about reducing the scone intake.

Renfrew sewing pattern blogRenfrew sewing pattern blog

Long live the Renfrew!

For my next Renfrew project, I’m considering adding a near-circular skirt. Although I’ve seen a few online, I’m hesitant about how best to approach it. Have you made the leap from tee to dress? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

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