Shopping! Where to buy fabric in Dublin City Centre

Thought it would be handy to group info like this together in the one place. My grand plan is to do a map showing where everywhere I know is but for now I will make do with a list and a few directions!

North City Centre


Henry St

An oldie but a goodie. Not the most exciting fabric selection in the world but they do have most items you’d be after – zips, all colours of thread, lining, beads etc and also, patterns. From memory they carry Simplicity, New Look, Vogue and either Burda or Butterick… One of them they don’t keep but will order.

Hickeys also carries a lot of bridal fabrics. According to the stats on the blog, a lot of people google “bridal fabrics Dublin” or “where can I buy lace in Dublin” so this is your answer! You can also get bridal fabrics and a variety of lace (in lots of colours) in Roisin Cross Silks in Dun Laoghaire – I’ll put more info in an upcoming fabric shops post.

WM Trimmings

Capel St

I love this place. I think it was set up by staff who formerly worked in Woollen Mills at Halfpenny Bridge before it closed – correct me if I’m wrong! As the name would suggest, trimmings are their game. They also carry a fair bit of fabric and various sewing gadgets as well as a great selection of coloured fake fur. (More on my interest in this at a later date!) Definitely a good place to go if you’re making a costume of some description – they also do plenty of spangly fabrics. And they’re pretty good value to boot – winner!

TWI Showroom

24 Mountjoy Square East, Dublin

Aoife – I haven’t managed to get in here yet. They don’t open on Saturdays so for a 9-5er like me who’s not based in the city centre it’s not really a runner. From what I’ve heard it’s a pretty mad place. Doesn’t look like a fabric shop from the outside or when you go in. Have also heard they have absolutely rakes of stuff and is good value if you don’t mind a bit of haggling. They don’t have prices on anything so you’re forewarned!

Sinéad – I’ve since managed to pop in here a couple of it times. Keep an eye out for the the small plaque on the wall and the numbers of the houses or you’ll miss it. Once inside, you go down a narrow corridor, some windy stairs and you’re into a warehouse. Loads of sewing machines, overlockers, and haberdashery on one level and two massive rooms upstairs filled with fabric. Look at the end of the rolls for prices – they get cheaper as the quantity you buy increases. It’s not super-cheap. Certainly nowhere near Goldawk Road prices. However – there are some bargains and plenty of retro prints. It’s a good place to stock up on anything you’ll use a lot of – like thread and zips. Even if you don’t buy anything here, it’s worth a visit for the experience alone. (One piece of advice – the air is loaded with dust so if you have an allergy, be prepared).

Fabric Select

181  Parnell Street

This is the… I don’t know exactly… sister shop of TWI? It’s pretty much behind the Ilac Centre on Parnell St and is opened Monday to Saturday, I think – definitely on Saturdays anyway. I also found this place good value with a pretty big mix of fabrics. They also have sample books here from the showroom & will get stuff in for you from there which is very handy. Good if you’re looking for a very specific thing. Which I frequently am e.g. last year’s hunt for wine fine corduroy which ended in vain after a LOT of walking around fabric shops. I would have settled for ANY fine corduroy at the end but it apparently wasn’t in fashion. So I gave up/lost interest/warmer weather dampened my longing for cosy clothes. Eh… lost my focus there. Fabric Select didn’t have it incidentally but I’m over it. Honest. And the lady in there was very nice.

Michael H. Fabric Shop

58-64 Upper Dominick St, Dublin 7

I haven’t been in here either but we came across these at the Knitting & Stitching Show in the RDS last week. They are obviously related to the Michael H shop/brand which eh…I don’t think we’re their target market. But the fabric was a total revelation.  They were very nice (enthusiastic and knowledgeable) and had an absolutely great fabrics and a large variety of things I wouldn’t know where to get elsewhere in Dublin. In particular they had some lovely prints, stretch knits and suiting material. I don’t know what the pricing is like in the shop but we got some great bargains at the RDS. The one downside to this place is that it’s only open Monday to Thursday, 10am-5pm. This means I won’t be getting there as much as I’d like but I’d recommend giving it a go if you work different hours or nearby.

**Update September 2015. This shop has moved to Harold’s Cross. Details here.

South City Centre

The Cloth Shop

South King St

A nice bright open shop, opened in 2012. The fabric is approx 50/50 dress-making and interiors material. In particular they carry some nice prints and a small amount of Amy Butler and Liberty prints. I think they also carry some leather which is good to know I think. They stock a fairly full range of paper Colette patterns – useful!

Murphy Sheehy 

14 Castlemarket (off South Willliam Street)

Love this place. Definitely worth a quick look if you’re walking by. They have a great variety of  cool and unusual fabrics from different designers. They frequently carry Liberty prints. The motto in here is: if you really want it, buy it. Or it’ll be gone. The staff are also very helpful & they give out 10% off membership cards sometimes. If I could only find mine – gah.


Powerscourt Centre

This place is all about ribbons and other trims. They carry a few rolls of material but really, the ribbons are where it’s at. They also do quite a few lace trims which may be of interest for any brides out there.

Posts about places out of town here. If anyone has any other recommendations, to the comments! No doubt I’ve left out somewhere completely obvious.

17 thoughts on “Shopping! Where to buy fabric in Dublin City Centre

  1. Hi,
    I’d like to know where to get the cheapest Fabrics and Patterns as I am on a budget. Thanks Sandra

    • Guineys on Talbot Street now do fabric. Not a massive selection but dirt cheap. Most fabrics €5 per metre. Not sure if they do patterns though. The staff are lovely though

    • Hi Katy,

      That’s great to hear. I must do an update (and some more posting, it’s been quite a while!). Best of luck with your sewing in Dublin,


  2. Hi Theresa,

    I seem to remember that Fabric Select/TWI do quite a lot of that kind of stuff. In Fabric Select they have sample books you can have a look at.

    Roisin Cross in Dun Laoghaire ( does a lot of that type of fabric also. Very nice but fairly pricey. All their fabrics and pricing are online so you can get a good idea of what they have & pricing before you go.

    In terms of getting stuff online I’m not too sure. There are quite a lot of ebay fabric stores so that might be a good way to go. Also recommend Threads of Green ( based in Kilkenny.

    You could also try UK based online options like Abakhan ( and Fabricland (

    Good luck!


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  3. this is great to know. All my life I thought there was only Hickeys and
    Do any of them do Wolf Faux Fur?
    Didnt know Guineys do fabrics now.

  4. Hello 🙂 came across your list of fabric shops while looking for pure wool/suiting. Brilliant! Never knew Michael H had a fabric shop. Next time I’m in Dublin I will check MH and The Cloth Shop in South King Street 🙂

    South Kilkenny

  5. The Fabric Counter

    4 Brunswick Court North Brunswick Street, Dublin, Ireland

    Its a big shop with huge selection of fabric and surprisingly cheap for good quality

  6. Can anyone tell me where to get eyelet curtains in Dublin at a reasonable price. Also rufflett take would do. Thanks.

  7. Hi
    does anyone know how much fabric I would need to cover a king size headboard and what sort of material would I use.

  8. Went fabric shopping in Dublin on Monday last.I found your website the night before. It’s fantastic. but I noticed you didn’t include Guineys 11/12 North Earl Street . It’s cheap and cheerful but when it’s gone it’s gone. They have regular stock but mostly buy remnants. It’s situated at the very top of the shop.I make stage costumes for school plays and shop there as it doesn’t break the budget .Dont mix it up with Guineys in Talbot street

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