About the Material Girls

We are two amateur sewing enthusiasts based in Dublin and while our family love to hear about us blab on about this stuff we thought hey, maybe someone out there would like to hear about our dressmaking highs and lows.

While both our mothers are brilliant dressmakers, we both did courses with Maebh (www.seweasy.ie) who is awesome and got the bug from there.

The reasons we’re setting up the blog are:
  1. It’s nice to share the satisfaction of finishing something off! Normally we just email each other photos and bug the rest of our family but now all of you get to hear about it.
  2. Sharing the pain. You know the feeling, you’re an evening away from finishing it and then two weeks later you’re no closer to wearing the damn thing. It’s heartbreaking. Let’s hope our screw ups help prevent someone else’s!
  3. To share any info we have about cool shops or websites for all things dress-making. And hopefully for people to let us know of other ones so we can feed the habit!
  4. The world clearly needs another sewing blog.


I started sewing a bit before Aoife I think. I had done a VEC course, at which I made a skirt (never worn) and a series of aprons for family and friends. Sewing was a slow-burning interest. And then Aoife did Maebh’s course and encouraged me to do it. So I booked into one set of classes, then another, and another. And so the craze began.


I took up sewing about two years ago (2011) and have been messing up my house with bits of material and threads ever since (velvet I can attest is the WORST – in my limited experience it leads only to heartbreak and fluff over every single item of clothing and furniture).
My style leans towards the eh… bright. And patterned. And I think I’ve never seen a shiny bit of material I didn’t want to make a dress out of.


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  1. Please add us to your blog
    We have a fantastic range of fabrics in Donabate and won Silver in Best Independent Retailer Ireland for 2015
    Crafts Beautiful Awards

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