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We have no affiliation with anyone mentioned here – just thought it would be useful to keep a list/map of places we know – you’d be surprised how many fabric shops are out there! If there is ever any other connection to a shop/website we will state it clearly.

We are based in Dublin so this is where we know most about. We will however post about London as well (which is awesome for fabric shopping) and anywhere else people tell us about as well as any websites we use.

Check out our blog posts for our favourite haunts in Dublin City Centre and The Burbs.

2 thoughts on “Where we buy stuff

  1. Hi Girls,
    I was hoping I could get your help on something. Do you know of any forums or websites based here in Ireland where I could put up an ad looking for a discontinued pattern? Its McCalls 5477 and was discontinued about a year ago.
    I am desperately trying to locate it but cannot seem to find it on all the usual places like Ebay and etsy and cannot seem to find it. I found one on Amazon however they will not ship to Ireland.
    Its for my Mum, a lifelong sewer and has searched high and low in every sewing shop she knows of.
    If you could suggest a place online to advertise for it or indeed a good place for discontinued patterns I’d be ever so appreciative.
    Thank you for your help in this matter.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Ber,

    I assume it’s the blazer rather than this older one?
    In general Etsy seems to be a good place for vintage patterns.

    If you come across shipping issues I’d suggest Parcel Motel for places that only deliver to UK. They’ll give you a UK address (in Northern Ireland) and then deliver it to your local parcel motel for you.

    There are other similar services you can use for the US. Got the following from google but haven’t used before myself:

    In terms of advertising for it, I’m not sure. Perhaps message boards in UK/US would be a good way to go? I’m not aware of anything like that in Ireland. Another option would be to ring a few stockists e.g. Hickeys on Henry St and any other places that stock paper McCalls patterns. They might have a pattern left or tell you what they do with old ones.

    I hope you find it – best of luck!


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